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Blond or Blonde – That’s The Grammar Question

It sounds like a joke, but it’s actually a legitimate grammar question: How do you spell “blond“?fotolia_501453_XS

The first known use of “blond” in the English language dates back to 15th century. The word has its roots in Old French, where “blund” or “blont” referred to a color midway between golden and light chestnut.

It gradually replaced the native term “fair” which derived from the Old English fæġer.

Blond is also traced back to the Medieval Latin word “blundus” which was a vulgar pronunciation of Latin flavus meaning yellow.

In modern English, the word keeps two forms: blond for a fair-haired male, and blonde for a fair-haired female.

Blond is also the more common spelling for the adjective. Both “blond” and “blonde” are can refer to objects that have a color reminiscent of fair hair. Examples include pale wood and lager beer. Starbucks used the female form to describe one of their roasts.


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