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What They Say and What They Mean

universal-translator-comic-pictureWhat people say and what people mean is often worlds apart – especially in business meetings.  “Decoding” is therefore essential. I personally attended meetings where a potential buyer rated the product offered by the producer as “interesting”, basically saying that it was garbage. It took some delicate talks (and lots of coffee and cake) to convince the producer that (a) the potential buyer was not interested and (b) the product quite likely did not fit the local market.

As a marketing writer and translator, “decoding” is part of myjob.

To give you some tips:

What is said What is meant
Uh, huh I am not really listening to you
Interesting What a piece of garbage
I really don’t mind I DO mind!
OK Whatever
I assume that you can deliver in time? I have my doubts that you will deliver in time!
I hear what you say Are you serious?!
I say You are wasting my time
I must say This is your final warning
Not bad at all Are you serious? Stop wasting my time!
Please understand Let me explain it to you one more time
With the greatest respect I think you are a nincompoop
Not bad at all Please spend the next decade improving it
Quite good Nice effort, I bet our people can do better!
I would suggest… Go back to the drawing board, pronto!
Ah well, Let’s finish this meeting, you bore me
We’ll bear in mind We will forget all about you and your product  once you left or office
I would suggest You don’t know what you are talking about, I know better
That’s quite good Interesting concept for us to develop ourselves
We’ll let you know We will send you a thank-you note at a later time
I love your country Never visited it, but will check Wikipedia for main points of interest
Have a nice trip back Get out of my country

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